How to Style a Mantel

‘Tis the season of snowy Sundays, big cups of hot cocoa, and nestling next to a warm crackling fire. Nothing is cozier in wintertime than a beautiful fireplace. Often the focal point of a room, fireplace mantels require thoughtful attention when styling. Whether they become a stage for curated collectibles or the perfect place for an important piece of art, mantels are a wonderful personal expression for a home.

When a mantel has a horizontal orientation, clustering your favorite works of art and objects is a great strategy. Our Sheridan Road project uses framed children’s art, vintage pieces and family portraits to create an exciting high/low mix.  We love to frame our special pieces at Alley Gallery in Evanston and when budget doesn’t allow, Ikea is a great option as well.

fireplace-blog_page_5A beautiful, single work of art such as the piece below from Darren Oberto is striking when framed out in an inset area above our client’s mantel. The work of art is clearly the star here and adds lots of energy to an otherwise serene space.
fireplace-blog_page_4Displaying sculptural elements is a great way to integrate vertical elements to the mantel. In our Asbury project, the tall and narrow mirror adds contrast to the crisp and clean palette, while the collection of objects below adds interest and personality.fireplace-blog_page_2Our Greenview project exemplifies the perfect cohesion of how a built-in unit can define a room. Nothing looks out place with a gorgeous aged mirror centered over a shallow mantel. In a room like this, the statement mirror does all the talking; no need to layer in additional items to distract focus. fireplace-blog_page_1Mirrors don’t need to be overly complex to call attention. In our Valley project, this simple round mirror accentuates the curved hearth opening and implies serenity within a monochromatic palette.fireplace-blog_page_6Each room is completely unique yet equally inviting and comfortable. Enjoy your cozy rooms this season!


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