Coffee Table Styling

605_10In every client’s living room or family room there’s a coffee table that is in desperate need of styling. Whether a new purchase or a vestige from the past, coffee tables are often nothing more than a holding station for remote controls and a stack of coasters when we begin working on a home. But their large surface is ofen a major feature in a space and needs lots of love to have impact in a room.

611_02bOur first line of defense are coffee table books. Both large and visually engaging, they are the foundation of our styling. Their subject matter – usually art, photography, design or fashion –  is great fodder for conversation and their size fills up the large surface area. We stack as many as will fit, giving us height upon which to layer additional objects.


Next we add boxes, objects and wood bowls that we source at vintage stores, big box retailers and flower shops. We’re always looking for the right mix of shiny and rough, new and old. If extra coralling is needed, we add a tray. And for a photo shoot or if you’re entertaining, a vase of flowers or a bowl of greenery is the crowning touch.



  • Ben says:

    Don’t forget glass! It’s a natural ally for coffee tables. Nothing diminishes the appeal of a wood table like a scratched and damaged surface.

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